Welcome to the Buddhist Temple of Chicago

Our temple is welcome to all, and newcomers are especially welcome.

Welcome to our "Sangha." This is an ancient and beautiful term we use for our congregation. The Sangha is one of the "three Treasures" of Buddhism, along with the Buddha (the teacher, the exemplar), and the Dharma (the teachings). We seek guidance and wisdom from our Sangha, with which we strive to unite ourselves. We cherish and nurture our Sangha.

Buddhism teaches a non-dualistic way of living. The notion of "the other" is a concept that is contrary to the Buddhist Way. Buddhist teaching negates the categories with which people tend to perceive and interact with each other. Black/white, male/female, rich/poor, saint/sinner, foreigner/American, old/young, gay/straight, and so on and so forth -- these distinctions are mental abstractions. They obscure the vast truth that life is One. When we let our egos dissolve, and see "others" rightly, we become One in the Buddhist spirit of wisdom and compassion.

Diversity is Oneness. Oneness is diversity. So experienced, life is rich and full. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you will come to meet our Sangha soon.

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Regular Schedule of Sunday Services

11:00 am - English (Children's Dharma School on 2nd & 4th Sundays and Buddhist holidays through mid-June)

12:30 pm - Japanese, usually 1st Sunday of the month. Please call office to confirm.

Please contact the Temple office at 773-334-4661 for other schedule changes.

Please send requests for general information by using our contact page.

New Visitor?

Everyone is welcome to attend 11 am Sunday services and scheduled open-ended classes and meditation (see the Buddhist Education Center page for schedule).

For ALL visits at other times, please contact the Temple office at 773-334-4661 to make an appointment.

For those of you driving to the temple, it seems some GPS devices are not accounting for the recent change of Racine Avenue to one-way north. We suggest setting your GPS device to "Truman College" on Wilson Avenue, and from that point, drive north on Racine and you'll see our temple parking lot on the east side, just south of Leland Avenue. 

For directions to The Buddhist Temple of Chicago, click here. Please note that Racine Ave. is a northbound one way street which can only be accessed from Wilson Ave.